Extend your possibilities

Connect to your marketing tool of choice or import leads from any source. Caesar CRM is open and easy to connect.

Valuable insights

49% of businesses plan to increase spending in CRM. Make it count by choosing an efficient solution!

Being able to adopt is key

In a fast-moving systems landscape filled with possibilities, being able to quickly adjust is key to success.

Extend your possibilities

Caesar CRM is built to give you great possibilities to adapt the system according to your needs and processes. Connect to your e-marketing tool of choice (or use Apsis, which we recommend), retrieve leads from your homepage or publish data to your internal dashboards. And it’s fast, a simple web service to publish data can be set up within minutes.

Partner solutions
Our partner I-Centrum provides map solutions, integrations to e-marketing, leads databases and can help you develop anything you need in and around the Caesar CRM platform.
With our SDK and configurable web services you can create a seamless integration between Caesar and your e-marketing platform. If you prefer an existing integration we recommend our e-marketing partner Apsis.
Our customers use Caesar as their hub for leads collected from their web and other sources. Using automated business logic to distribute them to a sales representative who can turn leads into customers.
Data is money, spread it
Since knowledge about your customers is key for profitability make sure it is spread in your organisation. Caesar makes it simple to publish data to other systems. Setting up a service can be done in minutes. And don’t worry, we got full support for GDPR.
SDK and modules
Caesar CRM can grow to fit any process by using our extensive SDK and expanding the system with new modules.

Valuable insights

Investing in CRM gives good return on investment and almost 50% of businesses plan to increase their spending. Make sure to choose a platform that is flexible and easy to reconfigure at a low cost.


“Of businesses plan to increase spending in CRM” – Softwareadvice


“Bad data sources result in 30% of all leads failing” – Cyber Sphere


“Manual data entry is the no 1 CRM adoption challenge – integrate and automate!” – Hubspot

Let Caesar CRM grow with your organisation

Thanks to its adaptability Caesar provides you a platform where you can start with an easy to roll out version and let it grow to support your shifting business needs over time.

The Caesar Way

The Caesar CRM platform is highly flexible to meet your shifting business needs.

Case studies

Read about some of our customers’ success with Caesar CRM.