Versatile and configurable

Use Caesar CRM with a minimum of configuration or set it up to follow your specific business processes.

Valuable insights

CRM is now the largest software market. Businesses realize the importance and ROI of investing in CRM.

For any size organization

Caesar CRM is successfully used by customers with thousands of users as well as only 30 users.

Provide your team with a 360 view of your customers

Make sure your sales team have the best possible information of their customers and prospects. Caesar CRM makes it simple to set up integrations importing data from any source without programming.

Simple or complex organisation
Our territory system and advanced access tools provide support for large organisations to implement their structures in one common platform. Share only the data you choose between organisational units.
Role based user interface
Different user groups have unique needs. That’s why Caesar CRM has support to set up specific user interfaces for different user groups. Make sure everyone has access to the correct tools and data.
Strong reporting tools
Included in the platform is a reporting tool providing reports on all data in the Caesar CRM database. You create your own reports to ensure your organisation has the information it needs in any given moment.
Any platform, anywhere
By the desk or on the run, no matter how your team work, Caesar is there. With Caesar CRM comes a mobile app supporting the salesman in the field. The app follows the same role setup and process support as the rest of our platform.
Support for any business process
Add your processes in Caesar to help your team members being more efficient and work in a unified way. It’s easy to implement and reconfigure with changing business needs.

Valuable insights

CRM is now the largest software market. Businesses globally realize the importance and ROI of investing in CRM. Still as important as ever to ask what tools and information makes your organisation successful.


“Of sales reps who have adopted mobile CRM have achieved their sales quotas” – Innoppl Technologies


“Of companies with more than 11 employees now use CRM software” –


“Of businesses plan to increase spending in CRM” – Softwareadvice

Gather data and act on it

The key for any sales representative is to understand the customers and be able to act accordingly. The ease to set up integrations and ability to build custom interfaces and automation in Caesar CRM does a substantial chunk of the challenging work for the sales people in your organization.

Marketing tools

Get more leads and communicate with your customers.

Case studies

Read about some of our customers’ success with Caesar CRM.