Flexible software with Caesar CRM

Put the customer first together with the best CRM for a medium business – Caesar CRM. Automate sales processes and easily keep track of your sales, contacts, agreements, and customer interactions. Together, we develop your CRM solutions, workflows, and processes to strengthen your business and create the ideal conditions for growth – not only in CRM but in all areas and departments.

5 things you will like about Caesar CRM

  • High flexibility with the ability to adapt the system however you want
  • A user-friendly interface that gives you a clear overview of all processes and customers
  • Is completely scalable and grows with your company when needed
  • We value close cooperation with our customers
  • Offers a high level of automation

Flexible complete solutions that make your everyday life easier

Caesar CRM is with you all the way and can support your business throughout the complete process. We help you with everything from the selection of products and functions in our CRM system, consulting and implementation, to integration and training, as well as service and support.

We can provide you with the best CRM software for a medium business and be your CRM department. Our consultants help you build systems that support your company’s departments in their processes and workflows.

“Caesar gives us an overview of our customers and projects in a simple and visual way”

Culinar is a Swedish food company that produces starches and seasonings for the food industry in Europe. Read about how we helped them develop a unique system to support them in the development of unique recipes for flavor ingredients and suggestions for production recipes for their customers.

Caesar CRM for a medium-sized business – Our solutions


Caesar CRM combines the best in marketing and CRM to help your business reach your target audience, create better marketing, and increase conversion. With Caesar CRM’s Software Development Kit (SDK) and customizable web services, you can create a seamless integration between email automation tools and our CRM platform.

If you prefer existing integrations, we recommend Mailchimp or our e-marketing partner APSIS to automate repetitive and manual tasks and create seamless workflows between your sales and marketing department.


Share information, integrate with office tools, get a clear overview of workflows, and a better understanding of customers’ needs with Caesar CRM. These features are fundamental in a medium-sized business, and Caesar CRM gives you all this and more. We can act as the backbone of your entire sales department to help you take advantage of every opportunity with our CRM for a medium-sized business. Create the conditions for your sales force to succeed with the help of automated and intelligent reminders in Caesar CRM.

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New customers are all very well, but to be able to grow requires a solid foundation to stand on – namely, your existing customers. Put your customers in focus with Caesar CRM and show that they mean something to you and that you care. Our CRM for a medium-sized business helps you keep track of all cases and inquiries. It also facilitates the management of customers’ problems and challenges, regardless of whether they contact you via email, phone, chat, web form, or social media.


Caesar CRM for a medium-sized business offers the opportunity to integrate with existing internal and external systems. Our platform is built to give you the best prerequisites and opportunities to adapt the system according to your needs and processes. Integrating Caesar CRM with third-party systems is easy – for full flexibility and advanced business logic, we recommend that you use our SDK.

Tailored solutions

In addition to our standard products, we also have the opportunity to create tailor-made solutions based on our customers’ needs. Caesar CRM is one of the market’s most flexible and adaptable platforms where we help our customers create solutions for both current and future needs. Caesar CRM has helped, among other things, to build booking systems for care companies, case management systems, and SRM systems (Supplier Relationship Management).

Are you looking for a custom solution that you have not found in our offering or any other CRM platform? Contact Caesar CRM and learn more about our resources.

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Try Caesar CRM – One of the best CRM software for a medium business

Contact us to test our CRM for a medium-sized business. We develop our products in close collaboration with our customers to ensure that they meet their needs and requirements. The influence our customers have on our product development and our solutions is unparalleled in the industry. Become a part of our development process and get access to a CRM system that is perfectly adapted to your needs and requirements – both today and in the future.

CRM is about business relationships – let’s meet to start ours. We offer world-class professional services and support. Read more about our process and how we can start our collaboration. Try one of the best CRM software on the market for medium-sized businesses – Caesar CRM.

Gather data and act on it

The key for any sales representative is to understand the customers and be able to act accordingly. The ease to set up integrations and ability to build custom interfaces and automation in Caesar CRM does a substantial chunk of the challenging work for the sales people in your organization.

Marketing tools

Get more leads and communicate with your customers.

Case studies

Read about some of our customers’ success with Caesar CRM.